Warehouse software system & inventory software system from MiKroaid. Dedicated warehouse management & inventoy management solutions. System 22 Warehouse Software System. Warehouse software system & inventory software system from MiKroaid. Dedicated warehouse management & inventoy management solutions. System 22 Warehouse Software System.

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MiKroaid specialise in Warehouse Software Systems and Inventory Management Software. We provide a dedicated Warehouse Software System called System 22 to cater for all warehouse software requirements. All data, content and images of this web site are the property of MiKroaid Limited. Copyright © 2012 MiKroaid Limited. All other names and products covered by MiKroaid are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.  MiKroaid warehouse software systems and inventory management software solutions. Some icons were supplied by VistaICO.com

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System 22 provides a full solution to inventory management and warehouse management. A low cost, high performance warehouse software system for any business.System overview

System 22 is a comprehensive warehouse software system that will control the movement of stock from either external suppliers or on site production all the way through to the delivery of customer orders and beyond. Its routines allow you to maintain accurate stock records, an efficient warehouse operation and detailed inventory management.

Over100 business reports, from a simple stock list to a detailed annual trading report. System 22 is packed with features to improve your warehouse operation, reduce your operating costs and provide better long term inventory management and stock control.

With a low cost Budget edition, right through to a nationally based warehouse software system over a Citrix server network, System 22 has versions to suit any business.

The download page offers you a free trial version of System 22 Budget edition. Why not try System 22 for yourself. Its free so you having nothing to lose but maybe a lot to gain.System benefits

System 22 provides you with detailed management information displays and reports at company level. The same data is available for each warehouse or client you have created. Comprehensive product price files and customer discount rates make the system more effective.

Control stock by either FIFO or BBD methods. Each warehouse and client can have individual product files that feed into the companies master product file. Two methods of stock receipts and order picking routines give you plenty of choice. Create customer returns and credits and manage delivery POD’s as well as customer invoices.

Monitor the current workload with up to date displays allowing you to  resource more effectively. Move from one business to another without having to exit and provide client specific routines to each business.

Use the built in display designer to create your own specific display windows and then use the built in report writer to create professional reports from those displays.


Warehouse software systems from MiKroaid give any business a high quality cost effective solution to warehouse management and inventory management.

MiKroaid Warehouse Software Systems. The right choice to make.

For medium to large scale operations, the client server version provides multi user access over a windows network. There is no limit on the number of users that can access the system at the same time.

What is System 22 ?

  • A warehouse software system that uses Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • A system with either client server or single user version’s
  • A System that can be installed onto a Citrix Server network providing a national warehouse software system.
  • A package that will allow you to run multiple businesses from one installation
  • Each business may have multiple warehouses that are in turn managed as independent business entities with dedicated secure data tables
  • You can manage multiple clients within a single warehouse, with each client having their own independent and secure data tables
  • A system that stores data at both client and warehouse level as well as at company level.
  • A low cost high performance system that provides all you need from supplier order to customer invoice
The Citrix server version is ideal for those companies with more than on UK outlet. The software and data is managed centrally, and you can run as many businesses or outlets as you need.

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