Warehouse software system & inventory software system from MiKroaid. Dedicated warehouse management & inventoy management solutions. System 22 Warehouse Software System. Warehouse software system & inventory software system from MiKroaid. Dedicated warehouse management & inventoy management solutions. System 22 Warehouse Software System.

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MiKroaid specialise in Warehouse Software Systems and Inventory Management Software. We provide a dedicated Warehouse Software System called System 22 to cater for all warehouse software requirements. All data, content and images of this web site are the property of MiKroaid Limited. Copyright © 2012 MiKroaid Limited. All other names and products covered by MiKroaid are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.  MiKroaid warehouse software systems and inventory management software solutions. Some icons were supplied by VistaICO.com

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System 22 offers a wide range of versions and installation methods. This is a high performance warehouse software system that offers a citrix server version.

Install & set up

Single user or multi user

• Install as client/server system

• Install onto Citrix server

• Run multiple businesses

• Run multiple warehouses

• Multiple clients in one warehouse

• User specific menu system

• Password protected routines

A warehouse software system that provides you with very flexible controls.

System master files

• Customer account files

• Customer specific product file

• Customer specific price file

• Customer specific discount rates

• Supplier account file

• Supplier specific product file

• Supplier specific price file

• Default printer settings

• User defined reason codes file

• Company master product file

• Warehouse specific product file

• Client specific product file

• Product promotions managed

• Product substitutions allowed

• Company trading files & budget

• Period Warehouse trading files

• Period Client trading files

Many high level routines are included in System 22 to make it one of the most powerful warehouse software systems available.

Master files cont:-

• Period results by company

• Period results by warehouse

• Daily results by company

• Daily results by warehouse

• Period results by customer

• Period results by supplier

• Period results by product

• Control stock by best before date

• Control stock by first in first out

• Product catch weights allowed

• Backorder controls included

• Stock quarantine methods

• Five product price bands to use

• Employee attendance controls

• Product grouping

• Customer grouping

• Supplier grouping

• Product storage rules

• Product picking location controls

• Multiple product suppliers

• User password controls

Our warehouse software system includes many benefits such as the display and report designers.

Other system routines

• Built in display designer

• Built in report writer

• Data recovery routines

• System integrity checks

• Error logging system included

This is only a sample of the functions within our warehouse software system.

Main functions

• Supplier purchase order controls

• Direct stock receipts methods

• stock location routines

• Receipts from own production

• Monitor on site production

• Supplier bookings diary

• Stock quarantine rules

• Capture SSCC pallet data

• Data search routines

• Pending sales order routine

• Active sales order routines

• Create picking lists

• Create pick replenishment lists

• Edit picking & replenishment

• Capture product catch weights

• Stock allocation routines

• Back order management

• Stock adjustment routines

• Stock movement routines

• Warehouse transfers

• Customer returns notes

• Customer credits

• Customer invoices

• Delivery POD routine

• Employee holiday planner

• Employee attendance

• Over 100 detailed displays & Reports

• Export data to almost any format

• Send reports as PDF via email

• Work in progress displays

• Full audit trail reports & displays

• Automatic back order updates

• Over ride stock expiry dates

• Module for wireless terminals

• colour coded data browsers

• Full help system included

• Data import & export routines reports

System 22 Warehouse Software System And Warehouse Management Software

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