Warehouse software system & inventory software system from MiKroaid. Dedicated warehouse management & inventoy management solutions. System 22 Warehouse Software System. Warehouse software system & inventory software system from MiKroaid. Dedicated warehouse management & inventoy management solutions. System 22 Warehouse Software System.

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MiKroaid specialise in Warehouse Software Systems and Inventory Management Software. We provide a dedicated Warehouse Software System called System 22 to cater for all warehouse software requirements. All data, content and images of this web site are the property of MiKroaid Limited. Copyright © 2012 MiKroaid Limited. All other names and products covered by MiKroaid are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.  MiKroaid warehouse software systems and inventory management software solutions. Some icons were supplied by VistaICO.com

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We are happy to visit your UK offices and provide you with a full demonstration of the System 22 package. This normally lasts up to three hours.

During this period we will answer any questions you may have regarding the warehouse software system and how this will fit into your organisation.

System 22 warehouse software system from MiKroaid povides all your warehouse management needs and improves stock control.


During the demo we will identify any amendments you may require for areas not currently in the system, which you consider necessary for your business.

We will make any bespoke amendments to the system that you feel are required, and make the final product as comprehensive and as complete a solution as possible.

Warehouse software systems from MiKroaid can be tailored to you company needs. Wih secure source control and pre testing we are happy to make any changes you require.

Time & Costs

The scale of amendments needed will effect the earliest installation date.We provide an estimated date at the demo and this will be confirmed when we  submit our project time plan over the following few days.

Final costs are subject to the number of amendments needed and the number of staff to be trained, but we will provide you with an outline project price at the demonstration.

MiKroaid have been providing warehouse software systems since 1992. We contine to develop our product and aim to bring you the most cost effective, yet powerful warehouse software system on the market today.


Software installation will take place once all of the agreed amendments have been completed. After installation we will configure the system for your business and set up user access rights.

We also assist in setting up master files and verify that all terminals are working and users can log into the system.

Try our warehouse software system today with the free trial version that can be downloaded from this site.


We normally fully train a small number of staff, so they become system trainers and are then able to train other  members of staff. Once we have fully trained these, we will assist them in training the remaining staff until everyone has had sufficient training. Training is normally completed within a ten day period, but this may vary depending on the number of staff to be trained.

If you download and then buy the Budget edition, we will still provide you with on site training and software support contracts if you require these.
If there any software poblems come to light before the training is complete, we will not leave site until these have been fully resolved.

Sign off

After staff training, we will leave you with a test system to use until you are happy with the system and your staff have gained sufficient experience to go live. When going live we will return to site and move the system to a live operation, we will then support you and your staff during the first few days of going live, longer if needed. Once you are happy with the system and its performance we will sign off the project as complete.

System 22 Warehouse Software System And Warehouse Management Software.

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