System 22 Multiple Warehouses

Manage And Control Multiple Warehouses With System 22 And Widen Your Business Opportunities

Multiple Warehouses

For each business created you can create regional operating centres. Each of these centres can then have multiple warehouses attached to them.

Each warehouse belongs to the parent business, but each one has its own set of data files and its own unique product file. They all operate as stand alone business entities reporting up to the parent company.

There are no restriction on how many operating centres or warehouses you create. This provides you with a national multi site software system.

Data Security

Terminals can be configured to only allow a user access to a specific warehouse. This allows you to control who has access to what.

The user will see all of the data relating to that warehouse and will be able to use all of the routines within System 22 you have given him access to.

The data is stored within SQL Server tables by warehouse, but a second set of tables also stores data by company code. This allows you to view data by individual warehouse  or to take an overall business view of the entire company activity.

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