System 22 Multiple Clients

Manage More Than One Client In A Single Warehouse Safely And Securely With System 22 From MiKroaid.

Multiple Clients

There is a switch on the operating centre window that allows you to identify whether the operating centre you are creating is classed as a regional hub with stand alone warehouses or whether it is a regional distribution centre that houses multiple clients.

If it is a regional distribution centre housing multiple clients, then the warehouses you create below this operating centre are classed as clients within a single site rather than warehouses in distinct geographic locations. Everything relating to data security is the same as the multi warehouse option.

Client Files

Each client will have its own set of data tables including its own unique product file and warehouse storage rules and there is no risk of client A’s data getting mixed up with client B’s. All documents produced such as reports or picking lists etc will all be client specific,

To allow for effective warehouse location control, the warehouse locations you create this time are stored against the operating centre rather than the warehouse or client. The clients will then share that common location file to ensure the sites locations and storage space is used most effectively.

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