Warehouse software system & inventory software system from MiKroaid. Dedicated warehouse management & inventoy management solutions. System 22 Warehouse Software System. Warehouse software system & inventory software system from MiKroaid. Dedicated warehouse management & inventoy management solutions. System 22 Warehouse Software System.

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MiKroaid specialise in Warehouse Software Systems and Inventory Management Software. We provide a dedicated Warehouse Software System called System 22 to cater for all warehouse software requirements. All data, content and images of this web site are the property of MiKroaid Limited. Copyright © 2012 MiKroaid Limited. All other names and products covered by MiKroaid are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.  MiKroaid warehouse software systems and inventory management software solutions. Some icons were supplied by VistaICO.com

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System 22 is a low cost warehouse software system. We can cover training in short time periods to make the entire package a cost effective solution to your warehouse management needs.

Installation costs

MiKroaid costs change annually and for that reason we can not provide accurate costs here.

If you are installing the Corporate Edition of System 22 on either a client/server or Citrix network, we can identify the time involved.

For these installation we allow up to three days to install and test the software. During this time we also set up the systems default tables and start setting up your company master files.

For training we suggest you allow up to ten days. This may vary depending on the number of staff. We train a number of key individuals who then assist in the training of other staff members

Contact MiKroaid today and discuss your requirements. We are confident that we have an ideal solution for your business.Install & train

You should make sure you allow sufficient time to install the software and have your staff trained to an acceptable level.

Please ensure that those members of staff that need to be trained are available while we are on site. Training normally lasts a maximum of ten days, but this can be extended if needed.

Why not download the free trial version of the Budget edition. See how you can benefit from this cost effective warehouse software system from MiKroaid.

Would you like to know what the current costs are for installation and training. If so give MiKroaid a call today on Tel +44 (0) 7885 434737 and we would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

System 22 warehouse software systems comes in two editions and two versions. If you are looking for a awarehouse software system then look at System 22 from MiKroaid.

Installation Costs

Client Server Multi User Solution For Your Business

Client server & Citrix

For larger companies that are using a network solution and/or a Citrix server, we do not recommend that the installation and training is carried out in house.

In these cases we suggest that the installation is carried out by MiKroaid staff in conjunction with your own systems people and that we also cover initial staff training. For those companies that may use System 22 for more than one business, you may find that once you have a pool of trained staff, they can then take over the training for any additional businesses you may set up. However, MiKroaid will also be available to train if required.

If you decide to go with the Budget edition, you can always upgrade to the Corporate edition at a later date. Warehouse software systems from MiKroaid Limited. Cost effective, Comprehensive and flexible.Budget edition

The Budget edition can be purchased direct from MiKroaid and the buyer has the option to undertake software installation and staff training in house. In these cases the software is provided with a detailed Getting Started guide that walks the user through the installation and setting up process. Remember to have SQL Server installed first.

We also provide these clients with 14 days telephone support free of charge. If a client would like long term support there are a number of support contracts available. This site also includes a user group forum that you may find helpful. Go to the download page for a trial version of System 22 Budget Edition