Warehouse software system & inventory software system from MiKroaid. Dedicated warehouse management & inventoy management solutions. System 22 Warehouse Software System. Warehouse software system & inventory software system from MiKroaid. Dedicated warehouse management & inventoy management solutions. System 22 Warehouse Software System.

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MiKroaid specialise in Warehouse Software Systems and Inventory Management Software. We provide a dedicated Warehouse Software System called System 22 to cater for all warehouse software requirements. All data, content and images of this web site are the property of MiKroaid Limited. Copyright © 2012 MiKroaid Limited. All other names and products covered by MiKroaid are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.  MiKroaid warehouse software systems and inventory management software solutions. Some icons were supplied by VistaICO.com

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Can I install System 22 myself ?    

My warehouse has more than one client, will System 22 be able to manage that ?

Yes. System 22 allows you to manage multiple warehouses with each one having its own set of data files which feed into the company files.

Yes. System 22 allows you to configure the system to cater for multiple client sites so you can manage as many clients as you need to without any problem.

Yes you can. You can buy the budget edition direct from MiKroaid and install this yourself. We provide you with getting started guides and 14 days telephone support.

System 22 has its own built in error logging system. If a software error occurs the system will email the details to MiKroaid and we will contact you immediately to resolve the problem.

If you have a wide area network or you are using Citrix, then System 22 will allow you to run five independent businesses from one installation. If you have more than this then extra licence packs can be obtained from MiKroaid Limited.

MiKroaid offer a range of support contracts covering a wide range of days and times.

As long as you have a valid software support contract with MiKroaid, we will provide you with free software updates as new versions are released.

You are allowed to install the software onto your network server or your Citrix server and have as many terminals connected to the system as you need. If you wish to have separate installations on different sites then you will need to purchase a licence for each site. If you have a lot of sites we will be happy to discuss a company wide licence package with you.

The final price is subject to many things. How many amendments you need, how many staff are to be trained, what expenses we may incur based on your location and what level of software support you require. Give us a call and we may be able to give you an indication.

If the training and installation is carried out by MiKroaid, we install the full corporate version and you get the software free of charge. If you are going to do the installation and training yourself then please call us and we will discuss the licence options and costs with you.

System 22 is one of the most cost effective warehouse software systems on the market today. You can try the Budget edition trial version by contacting MiKroaid at:- general@mikroaid.co.uk

or you can download it from this website. Go to the download page now.

Try our warehouse software system with the free trial version download and see how System 22 can improve your warehouse management.
System 22 warehouse software system offers, cost effective solution, powerful package, two editions and two versions, enough to suit any scale of warehouse operation.

Got any more questions then contact MiKroaid or send us an email to general@mikroaid.co.uk and we will answer as soon as possible.

Why not try out the free trial version of the Budget edition. Go to the download page now.

System 22 Warehouse Software System And Warehouse Management Software. MiKroaid provide dedicated warehouse management software solutions.

I manage more than one warehouse can System 22 cover that ?

I am a contract distributor with a number of sites . How many copies of System 22 will a need ?

What happen’s if something goes wrong with the software ?

What about customer support ?

What happened if my version of System 22 ends up out of date. Do we have to buy it again ?

Can I install the software system into more than one site ?

How much will it cost me to buy the software licence and get it installed and running ?

How much does the software cost ?